Codefree DVD modifications

The following codefree DVD player modifications have been retired but might be still available, on request only. Please contact us for more information.

Alpine 5205, Bang & Olufsen Avant DVD, Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 1, Bang & Olufsen DVD-1, CyberHome CH-DVR 1500, Denon DVD-100, Denon DVD-1000, Denon DVD-1500, Denon DVD-1600, Denon DVD-2000, Denon DVD-3000, Denon DVD-3300, Denon DVD-3700, Denon DVD-800, Denon DVM-4800, Grundig GDV-100, Grundig GDV-110, Grundig GDV-130, Grundig GDV-200, Integra DPS-5.5, Integra DPS-8.3, JVC CP-100AL, JVC HR-XVC30, JVC HR-XVC33, JVC HR-XVS40, JVC HR-XVS44, JVC RX-DV3, JVC RX-DV31, JVC TH-A10, JVC TH-A9R, JVC XV-421, JVC XV-511, JVC XV-515, JVC XV-521, JVC XV-522, JVC XV-523, JVC XV-525, JVC XV-567, JVC XV-D723, JVC XV-E100, JVC XV-E102, JVC XV-E111, JVC XV-E112, JVC XV-F80, JVC XV-F82, JVC XV-F85, JVC XV-FA90, JVC XV-FA900, JVC XV-FA902, JVC XV-FA92, JVC XV-FA95, JVC XV-M5, JVC XV-M555, JVC XV-N30, JVC XV-N310, JVC XV-N312, JVC XV-N315, JVC XV-N316, JVC XV-N33, JVC XV-N330B, JVC XV-N332S, JVC XV-N40, JVC XV-N410, JVC XV-N412, JVC XV-N44, JVC XV-N5, JVC XV-N50, JVC XV-N510, JVC XV-N55, JVC XV-NA70, JVC XV-NA77, JVC XV-NP1SL, JVC XV-S300, JVC XV-S302, JVC XV-S40, JVC XV-S400, JVC XV-S402, JVC XV-S42, JVC XV-S45, JVC XV-S500, JVC XV-S502, JVC XV-S60, JVC XV-S62, JVC XV-S65, JVC XV-SA600, JVC XV-SA602, JVC XV-SA70, JVC XV-SA72, JVC XV-SA75, Kenwood DV-6050, Kenwood DVF-3030, Kenwood DVF-3050, Kenwood DVF-3530, Kenwood DVF-3550, Kenwood DVF-5020, Kenwood DVF-7030, Kenwood DVF-9030, Lexicon RT-10, Lexicon RT-10, Loewe Xemix 5006, Loewe Xemix 5106, Loewe Xemix 9006, Loewe Xemix 9106, Marantz DV-12S2, Marantz DV-4500, Marantz DV-8400, Marantz DVD-810 old model, Marantz DVD-890, McIntosh MVP-841, McIntosh MVP-841, McIntosh MVP-851, McIntosh MVP-851, Meridian 586, Meridian 586 old model, Metz DF71, Micromega Minium, Micromega Premium, Mitsubishi DD-1000, Mitsubishi DD-2000, Muse Model 10, Panasonic CQ-DVR909N, Panasonic DVD-800, Panasonic DVD-A100, Panasonic DVD-A110, Panasonic DVD-A112, Panasonic DVD-A115, Panasonic DVD-A120, Panasonic DVD-A130, Panasonic DVD-A150, Panasonic DVD-A160, Panasonic DVD-A300, Panasonic DVD-A310, Panasonic DVD-A330, Panasonic DVD-A350, Panasonic DVD-A360, Panasonic DVD-A450, Panasonic DVD-A560, Panasonic DVD-A7, Panasonic DVD-C220, Panasonic DVD-CP67, Panasonic DVD-CP67, Panasonic DVD-CP72, Panasonic DVD-CV35, Panasonic DVD-CV50, Panasonic DVD-CV52, Panasonic DVD-CV55, Panasonic DVD-DT100, Panasonic DVD-K10, Panasonic DVD-L10, Panasonic DVD-L50, Panasonic DVD-LA85, Panasonic DVD-LA95, Panasonic DVD-LV55, Panasonic DVD-LV60, Panasonic DVD-LV75, Panasonic DVD-P10, Panasonic DVD-PV40, Panasonic DVD-RA60, Panasonic DVD-RA61, Panasonic DVD-RA71, Panasonic DVD-RA82, Panasonic DVD-RP56, Panasonic DVD-RP62, Panasonic DVD-RP82, Panasonic DVD-RP91, Panasonic DVD-RV20, Panasonic DVD-RV21, Panasonic DVD-RV22, Panasonic DVD-RV22, Panasonic DVD-RV26, Panasonic DVD-RV30, Panasonic DVD-RV31, Panasonic DVD-RV31, Panasonic DVD-RV32 US model, Panasonic DVD-RV40, Panasonic DVD-RV41, Panasonic DVD-RV60, Panasonic DVD-RV61, Panasonic DVD-RV65, Panasonic DVD-RV71, Panasonic DVD-RV82, Panasonic DVD-S10, Panasonic DVD-XP30, Panasonic DVD-XP50, Panasonic DVD-XV10, Panasonic SA-DK1, Panasonic SA-DK10, Panasonic SC-DK1, Panasonic SC-DK10, Panasonic SC-DK20, Panasonic SC-DM3, Panasonic SC-HT65, Panasonic SC-HT67, Panasonic SC-HT70, Panasonic SC-HT80, Panasonic SC-PM08, Panasonic SFX1050, Panasonic SL-DV250, Panasonic SL-HDV600, Philips DVD-1010, Philips DVD-170, Philips DVD-610, Philips DVD-612, Philips DVD-620, Philips DVD-622, Philips DVD-622, Philips DVD-630, Philips DVD-633, Philips DVD-633, Philips DVD-701, Philips DVD-705, Philips DVD-710, Philips DVD-711, Philips DVD-720, Philips DVD-723, Philips DVD-730, Philips DVD-735, Philips DVD-750, Philips DVD-751, Philips DVD-752, Philips DVD-755, Philips DVD-756, Philips DVD-757, Philips DVD-761, Philips DVD-810, Philips DVD-825, Philips DVD-850, Philips DVD-865, Philips DVD-930, Philips DVD-935, Philips DVD-950, Philips DVD-951, Philips DVD-952, Philips DVD-955, Philips DVD-956, Philips DVD-957, Philips DVD-960, Philips DVD-Q40, Philips DVD-Q50, Philips DVD-R1000, Philips DVD-R980, Philips DVD-R980, Philips DVD-R985, Philips DVD-R990, Philips DVD-R990, Pioneer DV-260, Pioneer DV-263, Pioneer DV-285, Pioneer DV-363, Pioneer DV-463, Pioneer DV-50, Pioneer DV-530, Pioneer DV-563, Pioneer DV-588A, Pioneer DV-733, Pioneer DV-C302, Pioneer DV-F07 Elite, Pioneer HTD-520, Pioneer NS-DV77, RCA 5200, RCA 5210, RCA 5500, RCA 5510, Samsung DVD-1E, Samsung DVD-511, Samsung DVD-611, Samsung DVD-709, Samsung DVD-711, Samsung DVD-809, Samsung DVD-811, Samsung DVD-909, Samsung DVD-HD931, Samsung DVD-S224, Samsung DVD-S324, Samsung DVD-S424, Samsung SV-DVD1, Sharp DV-600, Sharp DV-660, Sharp DV-700, Sharp DV-760, Technics DVD-A10, Technics SL-DV150, Technics SL-DV170, Technics SL-DV250, Theta DaViD 1, Theta DaViD 2, Thomson DTH-1000, Thomson DTH-2000, Thomson DTH-3300, Thomson DTH-3600, Thomson DTH-4000, Thomson DTH-4200, Thomson DTH-4500, Toshiba MD20FL1, Toshiba SD-100, Toshiba SD-100, Toshiba SD-110, Toshiba SD-1200, Toshiba SD-1200, Toshiba SD-1600, Toshiba SD-1600, Toshiba SD-1700, Toshiba SD-1750, Toshiba SD-200, Toshiba SD-200, Toshiba SD-2006, Toshiba SD-210, Toshiba SD-210, Toshiba SD-2100, Toshiba SD-2107, Toshiba SD-2108, Toshiba SD-2109, Toshiba SD-2109, Toshiba SD-2150, Toshiba SD-2200, Toshiba SD-2300, Toshiba SD-2700, Toshiba SD-2705, Toshiba SD-2710, Toshiba SD-2715, Toshiba SD-2805, Toshiba SD-2815, Toshiba SD-3000, Toshiba SD-3006, Toshiba SD-310, Toshiba SD-3107, Toshiba SD-3108, Toshiba SD-3109, Toshiba SD-3109, Toshiba SD-3500, Toshiba SD-3755, Toshiba SD-3805, Toshiba SD-3815, Toshiba SD-4109, Toshiba SD-420, Toshiba SD-425, Toshiba SD-4960, Toshiba SD-500, Toshiba SD-500, Toshiba SD-510, Toshiba SD-5109, Toshiba SD-5300, Toshiba SD-5700, Toshiba SD-6020, Toshiba SD-6020, Toshiba SD-8020, Toshiba SD-8020, Toshiba SD-900, Toshiba SD-900, Toshiba SD-9000, Toshiba SD-9000, Toshiba SD-9200, Toshiba SD-K615, Toshiba SD-V290, Toshiba SD-V390, Yamaha DV-C6480, Yamaha DVD-1000, Yamaha DVD-1200, Yamaha DVD-C996, Yamaha DVD-S2300, Yamaha DVD-S2300, Yamaha DVD-S510, Yamaha DVD-S510, Yamaha DVD-S520, Yamaha DVD-S5350, Yamaha DVD-S700, Yamaha DVD-S700, Yamaha DVD-S795, Yamaha DVD-S795, Yamaha DVD-S796, Yamaha DVD-S796, Yamaha DVD-S830, Yamaha DVD-S830, Yamaha DVR-S100 and Yamaha DV-S5270.

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